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Knowledge & tools are required

  • This course requires Btech from Electrical Engineering Background.!
  • The tools like internet connectivity and web cam facility is required to complete this course.!

Who should take this course

  • Any aspirant belongs to Electrical or Electronics Engineering Background.!


  • This course will cover engineering syllabus and provide assignments and tests to upgrade the students level.!
  • This course will clear the students each and every doubt and increasing their conceptual ability and problems solving skill. Also, to understand the engineering concepts by visualizing and applying theory to practical applications.!
  • This course deeply focuses on delivering basic and advanced level knowledge to students or professionals to achieve their dream of cracking exam of government jobs and Mtech.!

Skills you gain

  • Electrical Engineering
  • GATE
  • government exam
  • UPSC
  • Control System
  • IES
  • Competitive exam


This course will help students who could not afford offline coaching due to money and time constraint.

This course will help both students and professionals to prepare for competitive exams like GATE, IES, PSU's in electrical engineering.

This course will clear the doubts and provide students great conceptual clarity and Numerical-solving ability.

This course will definitely help college appearing BTech students and aspirants by tracking and analyzing each individual's performance on a regular interval and their assessment based on assignments, tests, and mock tests, etc.

The contents provided by this course will try to cover each and every area to deliver high-quality teaching. The syllabus of the subject is totally competitive exam oriented (GATE-focused).


05 Sep Introduction to Control System and Analysis
Syllabus and strategy discussion

Basics of Control system

06 Sep Basics of Control and Time domain Response calculation
Types of Signal and System

12 Sep Time domain Response calculation-I
Block Diagram reduction

13 Sep Time domain Response Calculation-II
Problems on Block Diagram Reduction

19 Sep Signal Flow Graph
Mason theorem and Problems

How to use SFG to solve Block diagram reduction problems

20 Sep Time domain Response Calculation-III
First order and second order system analysis

Time constant nature for different types of input signal

26 Sep Steady State Error Calculation
How to calculate steady state error for different orders of system

27 Sep Steady State Error Calculation and Error Coefficients
Error coefficients Positional error, velocity error and acceleration error

03 Oct Problems on Steady State Error and Error Coefficients calculation
Previous year GATE, IES questions practice

04 Oct Controllers- types and characteristics
Design of Controllers and its applications

10 Oct Problems on Controller design
Previous year GATE, IES question paper

11 Oct Stability and RH-criterian
Problems on RH-criterian

17 Oct Root Locus-I
Use of Root Locus in stability

18 Oct Root Locus-II
Rules for sketching Root Locus and its observations

24 Oct Root Locus Problems
Previous year GATE, IES question practice

25 Oct Bode Plot-I
Use of Bode Plot and How to design

31 Oct Bode Plot-II
Problems on Bode Plot

01 Nov Polar Plot
Use of Polar Plot and its applications

07 Nov Nyquist Plot-I
Use of Nyquist plot and How to design

08 Nov Nyquist Plot-II
Rules for plotting Nyquist diagram

14 Nov Nyquist Plot Problems
Previous year GATE, IES question practice

15 Nov Nyquist Plot Problems
Previous year GATE, IES question practice

21 Nov Compensator- Types and Characteristics
Types of Compensators

Characteristics of Compensator

22 Nov Compenstaors design
Rules of Compensators designing

28 Nov State space model representation-I
State Transition Matrix

29 Nov State space model representation-II
Properties of State Transition Matrix

05 Dec State space model representation-III
Transfer Function representation

State model representation

06 Dec Problems on State space model representation
Previous year GATE, IES question practice

12 Dec Problems on State space model representation
Previous year GATE, IES question practice

13 Dec Revision of each topics and doubt clearing
Revision of each topic

Doubts clearing

19 Dec Doubts clearing session
Doubts clearing

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Myself Prashant Kr Singh pursued Btech in Electrical Engineering with 1st Div honors. I have 2plus years of teaching experience in the technical field to prepare students for government jobs like Gate, IES, SSCJEE, RRBJEE, etc. I have a qualified gate and have industrial experience in the field of Power plant and Engineering Design. This experience helps me to bring out practical knowledge to provide a better quality of teaching. It makes the course more interesting, meaningful, and target-oriented.


12 Sep - 20 Jan
Timings : 08:00 PM - 10:00 PM
10 Sep - 20 Jan
Timings : 04:00 PM - 07:00 PM

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Interactive Live Learning
Certificate of Completion
Full Life time access to materials