NET (Life Sciences) - Structure of Atom, Chemical Bonds and Interactions For University and Competitive Exams 0.0 Ashish Chande Coming Soon All Level Hindi Available Batches: 0
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Knowledge & tools are required

  • colored pens, pencils, and notebook to make lecture notes!
  • The course will start from the basic so any kind of prior knowledge is not compulsory!
  • You need to have a good internet connection!

Who should take this course

  • Students who wish to prepare for competitive exams like NET, GATE, ICMR, etc.!
  • Students of 11th and 12th who want to understand the basics and link between biology, physics, and chemistry!
  • Biochemistry students!
  • Students pursuing Life-sciences!
  • Biotechnology students!
  • Anybody who wants to understand the basics of science - Structure of Atom, Chemical bonds, and Interaction should take this course. The course will be taught keeping in mind the utility for Life Science students.!


  • Students will build a strong foundation required to understand the subject ahead with depth.!
  • You will be able to attempt MCQs related to the topic with ease.!

Skills you gain

  • Biochemistry
  • Structure of Atom
  • Radiometric dating
  • Biotechnology
  • Life-Sciences
  • Chemical bonding


Whenever you start studying something new, the manner in which you are introduced to the topic is very important. making a strong foundation is required to build a skyscraper. With the same intention, I have prepared this course as it will help you to build the basics for understanding science. This is also the first unit of CSIR - NET - Life Science exam and important for many other competitive exams. 

In this course, we will be learning about 

1. The structure of the atom, atomic number, and atomic mass number 

2. Isotopes

3. Radioactive isotopes 

4. Radiometric dating for determining the age of fossils

5. Chemical bonding and interactions 

This course will be in Hindi but obviously English terminologies and technical terms will be used. I will also make more courses which will link to other topics to cover the syllabus of the competitive exams. 


02 Sep Introduction and Structure of Atom
Introduction to Biology, Elements, Compounds, emergent properties, Atom

03 Sep Isotopes
Isotopes definition, radioactive isotopes, radioactive decay, radiometric dating

04 Sep Chemical bonding
Types of chemical bonds and interactions

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Senior Biology Teacher
Courses Published

A teacher by choice with a rich experience of nine years in renowned coaching institutes of Mumbai and Gujarat. I teach from the basics to a higher level so that all students can easily understand my lecture and everyone has something to take from it. I make difficult concepts easy to understand and also give some tricks to remember examples and other important data. I have a successful track-record as many of my students are pursuing MBBS, BDS, Physiotherapy in Govt. colleges. I wish to continue my teaching career to help students fulfill their dreams. I have qualified competitive exams like GATE and JNU CEEB and I have published my research work in reputed journals. 


14 Sep - 20 Jan
Timings : 09:00 PM - 09:40 PM

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Interactive Live Learning
Certificate of Completion
Full Life time access to materials