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Knowledge & tools are required

  • Hunger to become successful is a very important tool to have if you want to join this course!
  • Kindly keep these things ready to make most of course: Laptop or mobile, sound internet connection, notebook, pen, water bottle!

Who should take this course

  • Do you want to improve public speaking ?!
  • Do you want speak English fluently ?!
  • Are you fearful about interviews ?!
  • Are you fearful about Group discussion ?!
  • Any student who is above 10 years and bored of studies?!
  • Are you stuck in life due to relationship challenges?!
  • Want to improve concentration and memory? want to get rid of mobile addiction? facing exam pressure?!
  • Are you facing a challenge inferiority complex? low on confidence? low self-esteem?!
  • Are you worried about your health? Are you worried about the future ahead?!


  • Supreme confidence, great memory, developing great habits, getting rid of negative emotions (fear, guilt, anger), influencing others, getting over social media addiction, increase in will power!
  • Great health, concentration development, development of sixth sense, dynamic personality, steady motivation, great academics!
  • Ethics and values enhancement, the psychology of success, mind power techniques used by Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, etc.!
  • How to be happy always? Power of positive thoughts, types of mind, and their functions!

Skills you gain

  • mental health
  • key to success
  • law of attraction
  • secrets of success
  • mind power power of the subconscious mind


Everyone wants to become successful in life but very few people achieve grand success! why? there must be something special in these successful people. It is their mindset or psychology. 80% of success in our life depends on the mindset. Learn this science and achieve grand success in all areas of your life.

Only taking massive action is not enough to become successful you need to do something more than that. You need to do smart work. We have very limited time on this planet earth and if you trial and error approach then it will not help you in the long run. 

If you want to become successful faster then you need to understand the power you already have within you. You need to unleash that power by using proper strategies. 

If you want to use your mobile or laptop properly then you must learn about it otherwise you end up using very limited functions of it. In the same manner, if you don't understand the functions of the mind then you will use it very limited way hence limited success in life.

I would urge you to join this course because whatever is your target in life you must learn about your mind so that you can become successful.

Investing in education has a fantastic ROI than any other investment.


I am looking forward to meeting you on the course.


10 Oct Introduction
power of words, social media influence, how to be happy always ?, power of happiness, power of gratitude, how to attract positive and motivated people in life ? How to develop interest in studies ? How to remember faster ?
Tools for success
whats are the laws of success ? which is the most important quality for success ? Who always helps us to become successful ? Role of sharp and smart work ? tools of success ? how to sharpen tools of success ? how to form great habits ? importance of goals, how much mind power we use?, what is mind ? what is brain ?
Types of mind and their functions
What is conscious mind ?, what are the key functions ?, what is subconscious mind ?, what are the functions ? how to make most of the functions of both the mind ?
11 Oct Subconscious mind and brain waves
Subconscious mind and brain waves
how to hack our own mind ? , how to prevent hacking our mind from others ?, summary of conscious and subconscious mind, brain waves and their importance, how to program and reprogram our mind ? how to stay away from mobile addiction?
Tested and proven mind power techniques for miraculous life
Step by step guide to mind power, how day to day life activities can lead to grand success?, scientific proofs of mind power techniques, Which are the mind power techniques used by sachin tendulkar, virat kohli , MS Dhoni ?, how mind power techniques exactly help you in life ?
Why mind power techniques fail?
Reasons of failure in mind power techniques ?, brief about goal setting , examples of successful people with case studies, why motivation fails ?, big secret to success ?

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I am Sameer Narad. Basically I am an Electrical engineer with MBA in marketing. I did a job for 6 years in corporate but I always wanted to help and motivate others. So I did certifications in the area of mind power and psychology from national and international trainers. I am a certified counselor and trainer. I also attended the Unleash the power within the program by the No.1 trainer in the world Tony robbins at Singapore 2018. Now I am working as a motivational speaker and counselor. I have delivered around 400 seminars and trained around 20000 people with lots of success stories. I have delivered training in various schools, colleges, NGOs, and corporates. I am mad about helping others and creating their success stories. My dream is to create a 1 crore success story and make our nation a Superpower.


10 Oct - 20 Jan
Timings : 03:00 PM - 06:00 PM

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Interactive Live Learning
Certificate of Completion
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