Accounting & Financial Statement Analysis Learn Accounting and Ratio Analysis of financial statements 0.0 Aditi Bedi Coming Soon All Level English Available Batches: 0
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Knowledge & tools are required

  • Keep your notebook or laptop ready to take notes.!
  • No prior knowledge of accounting is needed.!

Who should take this course

  • Accounting Students!
  • Anyone wishing to be successful in the world of Business & Finance!
  • Aspiring Accountants and Financial Analysts!
  • Business Owners!


  • Navigate through Financial Reports with ease!
  • A solid understanding of accounting will help you pursue a career in field of accounts.!
  • Learn about the Accounting Cycle!
  • Learn how to analyze Financial Statements with the use of Ratios!

Skills you gain

  • Ratio Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • Financial Statements
  • Accounting


Welcome to one of the comprehensive ever course on Accounting Basics.

This course starts from “What is Accounting”, “Need for Accounting” to various Practical aspects in Accounting

Accounting is one of the most important skills for people pursuing a career in Finance.

It helps you understand whether a business is profitable.

It gives you an idea of a company’s size.

It helps you use the past in order to take action in the present and change the future.


The course will start from the very basics and then gradually build a solid foundation that will serve you well throughout your career. 

The course introduces

  • The Accounting Equation (One you can understand!)
  • Balance Sheets
  • Income Statements
  • Debits and Credits (And how to know which is which!)
  • Why Profit Does Not Equal Cash!
  • Know the difference between a debit and a credit

The method of instruction is a combination of lecture and exercises we work through together.

After taking this course you will understand how to create, analyze and forecast an income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. 

By the end of this course, you will also know how to value companies using several different valuation methodologies you can come up with target prices for the companies that you are analyzing.

Enroll today and let's start this journey together!



26 Dec Introduction to Accounting
What Is Accounting and Why Do We Need It?

The importance of Bookkeeping

Fundamentals of Accounting

27 Dec Accounting Process I
Recording of transactions

Preparation of Ledgers

02 Jan Accounting Process II
Preparation of Trial Balance

Preparation of Bank Reconciliation statement

03 Jan Financial Accounting I
Financial Statements: objective and importance.

Preparation of Profit & Loss Accounts

Preparation of Balance Sheets

09 Jan Financial Accounting II
Types of Assets

Types of Liabilities

10 Jan Case Study I
Practical Exercise: Bookkeeping entries

Practical Exercise: Building a P&L & a Balance Sheet

16 Jan Cash Flow Statements
3 parts of Cash Flow Statements

Computation of Cash Flow Statements

17 Jan Financial Statement Analysis I
The Essence of Financial Statement Analysis: Four Key Dimensions

Key Mechanics of Financial Statement Analysis: Performing a Meaningful Analysis

Financial Ratios Every Investor Should Use: Understanding Financial Ratios

23 Jan Financial Statement Analysis II
Calculating and analyzing growth and profitability ratios

Calculating and analyzing liquidity ratios

Calculating and analyzing solvency ratios

24 Jan Case Study II
Practical Exercise: Analyzing ratios

Instructor Details

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A finance enthusiast. My area of expertise is concentrated in Account Forensics, which focuses on analyzing the financials of corporates. With a focus on conceptual learning and in-depth knowledge, my teaching style is based on using case studies. My methodology includes clearing the fundamentals of the students with an aim to enable them with the knowledge and understanding of the areas of accounts.


26 Dec - 20 Jan
Timings : 05:00 PM - 06:00 PM

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Hi mam, Will you teach using Zoom or Skype ?

Akhil Kharbanda     She uses Skype for her classes

Interactive Live Learning
Certificate of Completion
Full Life time access to materials