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Knowledge & tools are required

  • Skype!
  • High-speed internet connection!
  • A good functioning computer!
  • Basic knowledge of economics concepts such as consumption and exchange process is optional.!
  • A notebook to take down notes!

Who should take this course

  • This course is suitable for the students of 12 grade with economics as a compulsory subject in the school curriculum.!
  • As the course will cover the foundation of economics, it will be helpful for the students with economics as a subject in graduation or pursuing Economic Honours.!


  • The course is designed keeping in mind the needs of students of class 12th (Commerce) to prepare them for the board exams. The concepts of demand and supply discussed in the course would help them in a better understanding of how markets work.!
  • The theoretical aspect of the concept included in the course will help graduate students in understanding how economic models are designed keeping in mind the needs of the different societies.!
  • The course will help in the development of skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and awareness about the functioning of the society.!

Skills you gain

  • Law of supply
  • Law of demand
  • factors affecting supply
  • Factors affecting demand
  • Elasticity of supply
  • Theory of supply
  • Elasticity of demand
  • Theory of demand
  • Supply
  • Demand
  • Microeconomics
  • Economics


Open to: Students of Grade 12

Prerequisite: None

This course is an integrated study of Microeconomics with a special focus on the concepts of Demand and Supply. Demand for commodities indicates consumer behavior whereas supply indicates how producer influences the market. The economic variables help microeconomic units to take pricing and production decisions. These two are significant determinants of an economy's growth and health.  The concepts covered in the course will prepare students for the Board exams of class 12th.


31 Aug Introduction to Demand
Concept of Demand and Quantity Demanded

Assumptions of Rational Demand

Demand Function

Law of Demand

Exceptions to Law of Demand

03 Sep Demand Schedule and curve
Foundation of Demand Schedule and Curve

Reasons behind Downward sloping Demand Curve

Mathematical relationship between slope and elasticity

Factors affecting demand

07 Sep Shifts Vs Movement
Individual Vs Market Demand

How to derive Market Demand curve

Expansion Vs Contraction

Increase and Decrease in Demand

How Shifts and Movement affect the Market Demand curve

10 Sep Elasticity of Demand
Introduction to the Elasticity and its types

Mathematical Derivation of Elasticity

Factors affecting Elasticity of demand

14 Sep Methodology of Measurement of Elasticity
Percentage Method

Total Outlay Method

Point Method

17 Sep Introduction to Supply
Concept of Supply and Quantity Supplied

Supply Function

Law of Supply

Exceptions to Law of Supply

21 Sep Supply Schedule and Curve
Derivation of Supply Schedule and Cuve

Reason behind upward sloping supply curve

Factors affecting supply

Expansion Vs Contraction

Increase Vs Decrease

Individual Vs Market Supply

24 Sep Elasticity of Supply
Introduction to the concept

Methodology of Measurement

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Interactive Live Learning
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