The Living World - Chapter 1 class 11 NCERT Biology For NEET 0.0 Ashish Chande Coming Soon All Level HINDI Available Batches: 0
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Knowledge & tools are required

  • Colored pens, pencils and notebook for making lecture notes.!
  • I will be starting from the basics so any kind of special prior knowledge is not required.!
  • You need to have a good internet connection!

Who should take this course

  • Students preparing for NEET 2020 and wish to revise this topic!
  • This course is for students who are in class 11 with Biology subject!


  • Each and every line of the NCERT textbook will be clear to you!
  • You will be able to answer the MCQs of past year NEET papers or any standard book with ease!
  • You will be prepared for NEET exam in the best possible way!
  • You will get some tricks to remember important examples!
  • This course will also help you to score well in your 11th std. subjective exam!

Skills you gain

  • Biology
  • NEET
  • The Living World
  • NCERT Biology
  • Class 11 NCERT


This course is very carefully designed to teach the optimum content for NEET exam. The content will neither be too much nor to less. 

The highlights of this course are 

1. Every line of NCERT text book will be taught

2. Extra important points which are not in the text book will also be taught topic-wise. 

3. Tricks to remember important examples. 

Everything you need for the NEET exam will be covered in this course. 


15 Jun Introduction, Growth and Reproduction (1.1 of text book starts)
Growth and Reproduction

16 Jun Metabolism and consciousness (1.1 of text book complete)
Metabolism and consciousness

17 Jun Extra knowledge related to topic 1.1

18 Jun Diversity in the Living world, Binomial nomenclature (1.2 of text book starts)
Binomial nomenclature

19 Jun Classification, taxonomy and systematics (1.2 of text book complete)
Classification, taxonomy, systematics

20 Jun Extra knowledge related to topic 1.2

22 Jun Extra knowledge related to topic 1.2

23 Jun Taxonomic categories - species, genus (1.3 of textbook starts)
species and genus

24 Jun Taxonomic categories family, order
family and order

25 Jun taxonomic categories class, phylum, kingdom (1.3 of textbook complete)
class, phylum, kingdom

26 Jun Extra knowledge related to topic 1.3

27 Jun Organisms with their taxonomic categories
examples with complete hierarchy

29 Jun Taxonomical Aids (1.4 of text book will be covered completely)
botanical gardens, zoological parks, herbarium, keys, Museums

30 Jun Extra knowledge related to topic 1.4 (chapter ends)

Instructor Details

Senior Biology Teacher
Courses Published

I am a dynamic Biology teacher with an experience of working in well-renowned coaching institutes of Mumbai and Gujarat. I have a successful track-record as many of my students are pursuing MBBS, BDS, Physiotherapy in Govt. colleges. I have qualified competitive exams like GATE - Biotechnology and JNU-CEEB. I have published research articles in National and International Journals. 


15 Jun - 20 Jan
Timings : 09:30 PM - 10:10 PM

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Interactive Live Learning
Certificate of Completion
Full Life time access to materials